The Canadian Army Trilogy - First Book
Normandy, July 1944. The Canadians have been ordered to capture the Verrieres Ridge, a solid defensive position held by the German enemy, in their desperate attempt to contain the Allied bridgehead.
Sergeant Bob Banfield is serving in an infantry platoon, committed to this assault. The platoon commander is Lieutenant Jim Niles, scion of an officer family, who under the stress of battle, abandons his platoon, and is subsequently returned to Canada in disgrace. His brigadier father insists that somehow he must redeem himself.
London, 1959. The story now focuses on the Army's peacetime garrison duties. Jim Niles is now a major, under his former sergeant, Bob Banfield, now a colonel commanding his battalion. Jim Niles meets Laura, a nurse married to a corporal, recently separated. He refuses to give up their affair, which is unacceptable to the Officer Corps.
Jim is abruptly transferred to UN duties in the Middle East. He plans to leave the Army when he returns. The story then reaches its surprising denouement.
"During the Normandy battle of July 1944 Canadian blood was poured freely over the wheat fields of Verrieres Ridge. With many memories of that Ridge I believe that Veterans will be stirred by a keen sense of realism and candor created in this dynamic novel."
Brigadier-General S.V. Radley-Walters, CMM, DSO, MC, CD
"The Ridge is intensely interesting... an excellent novel... a contribution which exposes the human side of Canada's World War II history..."
Colonel Strome Galloway, ED, CD
"...a long overdue, poignant and compelling account of what Canadian officers and other ranks were exposed to during the Verrieres battle... a moving and realistic story..."
Brigadier General Denis Whitaker, DSO, CM, ED, CD
Page Count: 263 pages
Publisher: General Store Publishing House
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publish Date: January 1, 1994
Paperback editions available for purchase straight from the author, David B. Clark.