Jennifer is a high-school girl who has been cutting her wrists. Sherine, a nurse, suffers from panic disorder. Sandra is a single mother, on welfare and overwhelmed. And Celeste is the depressed widow of a family doctor.
These four women visit Dr. Michael Brenner, a psychiatrist, in his consultation room every Thursday afternoon, their hourly sessions booked one after the other. With each session, these patients unburden themselves of painful traumatic experiences. The patients get to know each other personally. They meet periodically in a coffee shop, and form a unique, supportive family such that each never had before. By the time of termination, some twenty sessions later, each has learned to make necessary changes in her coping patterns, and to pursue her chosen path in life more effectively.
In a fictional context, the conduct and process of psychotherapy for patients referred to a psychiatrist have been presented, in non-technical terms for the reader to follow. Where medication is prescribed, the method and rationale of psychopharmacology are explained.
Page Count: 320 pages
Publisher: General Store Publishing House
Genre: Adult Fiction
Publish Date: August 24, 2009
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