The Canadian Army Trilogy - Third Book
In October of 1917, Canadians pass in their thousands through the Menin Gate, out of the destroyed town of Ypres, to take the Passchendaele Ridge, where every attempt by British troops in the past have resulted in costly failure.
Into this maelstrom go the three Warwick brothers and Major James Niles of Toronto. The fighting takes them across shell-cratered, muddy, blood-soaked fields and they capture the Ridge. Major Niles is severely wounded and evacuated to a military hospital in England. There he meets Rosie Knockenhauer, an ambulance driver, and they enter a star-crossed love affair. After the war, he continues to serve in the Army, but his betrothal to a colonel's daughter has been arranged.
There is a ghost in the story, who haunts the characters at crucial junctures in their lives.
"It has been officially recognized that authorities in WW I did not understand the problems of the 'field help,' and their incompetence proved deadly. Lucifer's Gate tells us of one brilliant exception to this shortcoming and of the incomparable sacrifices, the absolute determination to achieve, and the self control of heroic individuals.
The efforts of our soldiers to help each other in the hopeless circumstances of ground, weather, communications, supply and the fate of the wounded are written in gripping 'I-was-there' tone throughout."
Lieutenant Colonel Horace M. Gandier, ED, CD
"A lively, sprawling account of Canadians at war."
JL Granatstein, former Director, Canadian War Museum
Page Count: 179 pages
Publisher: General Store Publishing House
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publish Date: January 1, 2002
Paperback editions available for purchase straight from the author, David B. Clark.