The Canadian Army Trilogy - Second Book
The Canadians have been ordered to cross the Lamone River in northern Italy against determined German resistance. The main characters in the story have fought desperate battles on their way there, which include Joe Tenuta and his younger twin brothers with an infantry battalion. Serving in their respective combat units, they are all brought together in the doomed assault crossing. Each faces his own terrifying ordeal, battle-hardened, often with desperate courage and also numbing fear.
Joe Tenuta loses his brothers in combat. He returns to Canada, decides to stay in the Canadian Army, is commissioned and serves overseas in peace keeping operations. He is into a long-lasting love affair with Susie, by whom he had a son. He returns to Italy years later, on a tour with a group of Canadian veterans. There, the unexpected ending of the story occurs.
"...a powerful fast-moving novel, focusing on Canadian participation in the Italian campaign of World War II. He has told a gripping tale of military disaster, questionable leadership and personal courage. A tender love story threads through the narrative, which also includes a murder on the battlefield. The author shows a great grasp of the actual fighting because of meticulous research..."
Colonel Strome Galloway, ED, CD
Page Count: 201 pages
Publisher: General Store Publishing House
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publish Date: January 1, 2001
Paperback editions available for purchase straight from the author, David B. Clark.